What’s in a Name? The Story of Cultiv8

Be unique. Choose something that has meaning.  Make it quirky. Be professional. Keep it short and sweet.

When it comes time to choose the name that will be your company there is no standard. There is no guide. The most important thing is that it means everything to you and defines you and your company. We began by tossing around 2-3 words that stuck out to us most. Words that met our criteria. We said them aloud many times, we thought about them in action – what it would sound like, look like, and how we felt when we talked about it. Lest we not forget, taglines, social media handles, and domain names that would match each option.

We didn’t vote on it, we didn’t poll the audience. We chose based on feeling – a feeling that this word conveyed everything we wanted to be as a company and as business owners. That word was “Cultivate”. It wasn’t crazy or super fancy, but then again neither are we. It was an honest and basic word, perfectly suited.

verb | cul·ti·vate | ˈkəltəˌvāt

Defined as (1) the fostering of growth or (2) the seeking of society

Our work wasn’t finished though, we needed more than just a name, we needed a logo that would set us apart. A little something that would take the name to the next level and give it our unique twist. After all we are creatives! With that we converted the end of the word to the number 8. It began as a quirky extra but our research of the number led us to a fascinating discovery. The number eight also represents “a new beginning”. It was perfect. It was exactly where we were in life and in our career; seeking new beginnings. It was the very definition of what we wanted to do and why we were starting this company. However, it’s also a representation of what we want to create for our clients, in helping them achieve their new beginning as we work with them to develop and cultivate their digital brand.

Our hope is that others will see the meaning of our name in all the work that we produce and the services that we provide to our clients and our community. For us Cultiv8 is more than just a name, it is who we are.

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