5 Inspirations We Learned at VenturePOP!

We’re back from our weekend in New Orleans with a fresh outlook on creativity and entrepreneurship. We spent two-days attending the 2017 VenturePop! Conference designed to inspire, fuel, and guide creative solepreneurs, entrepreneurs, freelancers, educators, small agencies, and more.

The lineup of speakers included several outspoken and vibrant creatives who’ve fought their fears, risen from the struggles, and are just out there doing their thing. These creative minds included Maya EliousMaggie GentryDannie FountainMallory WhitfieldAdam KurtzNick SambratoJustin Shiels, and Cyndi Spiegel.

We learned what it takes to be bold and how to create action in our work and business. Check out a few of the most memorable inspirations we learned at VenturePop!


5 Inspirations We Learned at VenturePop
5 Inspirations we Learned at VenturePop!