Cultiv8 Creative | Digital Design Agency

TimberTech AZEK®

In Partnership With:

Year: 2018

Project: TimberTeck AZEK®

Industry: Deck / Porch Building Products

Design Methods: Social Media, Graphic Design


Project Details

In partnership with Tell Your Story, we collaborated with their Creative Director to develop paid social media advertising campaigns for TimberTech AZEK® porch and decking.

We were tasked with creating visuals that supported the content writing efforts of Tell Your Story to create nine (9) campaign designs (with multiple variations). Each design campaign was formatted for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Secondary designs were also created for Pinterest. Each design was carefully tested to ensure that it met all social media advertising specifications and parameters.

The Results

The goal of the campaigns was to increase social media engagement, increase brand awareness, and increase website traffic. The statistics show that overall the ad campaigns were very successful.

The Summer 2018 campaigns received an average CTR of 1% (across all three platforms), with a total reach of 8,954,376 and 13,064,130 total impressions.

The September 2018 campaigns received an average CTR of 1.8% (across all three platforms), with a total reach of 759,016 and 1,277,163 total impressions.