Baton Rouge Area Chamber (BRAC)

Baton Rouge Area Chamber

Project Details

In partnership with the Baton Rouge Area Chamber, we worked with their team to design and develop a custom WordPress website that would provide a more organized and user-friendly platform for investors and the Baton Rouge community.

As part of a full redesign, we were tasked with evaluating all aspects of the existing website and coordinating with the BRAC team to determine the areas that needed to be improved upon. We focused our attention on creating easy-to-read and easy-to-build page templates, a more organized sitemap, and a better navigation.

The response of the redesign was overwhelmingly positive. Many users noted that the new website made it quicker and easier to find the resources and information they were looking for, even without having to search.

In Partnership With:

Economic Development, Non-profit, Civic Organization

Website Design, WordPress Development, Icon Development