Aroma Flame Candles

Aroma Flame Candles

Project Details

Byron & Roslyn of Aroma Flame Candles came to us with an eCommerce website that needed a refresh. We began by developing a color palette for the brand. We then took the new colors to the website, creating a clean, airy design that invited the customer to shop around. Our team also built out additional pages and functionality within their online store to make the site more organized, user-friendly and accessible for every shopper.

As part of a the redesign, we were also tasked with evaluating the current sites optimization and SEO status. After review, we were able to clean-up several old files and images from the site, which resulted in a faster shopping experience. We then tackled their Search Engine Optimization, by writing and/or enhancing their current descriptions and keywords for all products and pages.

Our team also works with Aroma on a monthly basis to create social media posts and boosted ads. We've created a series of templates for their brand, which promote their online store and products through: fun facts, candle care tips, and the Fragrance of the Month.

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